What Makes Wanko Wire Better....

Competitors will take a quick look at dumpster, give contractor spot price on whole dumpster based on quick scan of contents. This strategy does a disservice to the contractor because the spot price is not as accurate, usually resulting in the contractor not getting a fair price. Wanko Wire’s strategy of thoroughly sorting and weighing each piece of metal provides a better service to the contractors, while ensuring both parties achieve a fair deal.

Wanko Wire & Cable Sales Cycle

  • Wanko Wire is notified by a contractor of a dumpster containing excess metal at a construction site (i.e. large hotel under construction)

  • Wanko Wire develops relationship with contractor at construction site

  • Wanko Wire empties out dumpster, sorting various types of metals

  • Wanko Wire will use the scale on own truck to weigh each metal on-site

  • Wanko Wire gives contractor spot (true price of metal, minus Wanko’s margin) price in cash for each metal (one metal at a time)

  • Wanko Wire removes metal from site, takes it to Wanko warehouse

  • Wanko Wire strips down metal and prepares it to be sold

  • Wanko Wire will then choose to sell metal now, or hold metal in warehouse for sale at a later date when metal prices are more favorable


About Steve Wanko

Mr. Wanko’s involvement in the scrap metal industry began when he was a young teen (around 12 or 13) helping his uncle with his roofing business. In the winter months, when the roofing business would slow down, Steve would help with picking up scrap metal and recycling. At the age of 16, he bought his first pickup truck and began picking up scrap metals on his own.

Mr. Wanko grew up in Columbus, Ohio, later moving to Chicago, Illinois, before finally settling down in Las Vegas, Nevada. Steve came to Las Vegas originally to get away from the frosty Chicago winter. He liked Las Vegas so much, he decided to stay. Over the years, Steve has built his business, grown his family (to include several grandchildren and one 13-year-old grandchild he and his wife have been raising for the past 10 years), and was baptized Christian 15 years ago here in wonderful Las Vegas.

Steve’s greatest accomplishments include taking the chance to move to Las Vegas, getting his business and his family through the rough financial crisis of 2008, and taking advantage of all the opportunities he’s been given through recycling in Nevada. Steve is full of gratitude to God for everything he has achieved.

Presently, Mr. Wanko is focused on growing his business. Today, Wanko Wire Cable & Delivery has the capability to handle small-to-large heavy equipment and the ability to operate almost any vehicle. Steve plans to incorporate a new warehouse to expand Wanko Wire’s capacity rapidly over the next few years.